About Me

Hi! Welcome to my site!

I’m Olivia, and I’ve always been a big fan of so many sports like basketball, tennis, hockey, gymnastics, you name it! But I myself am not terribly athletic, so I live vicariously through those who excel at it. Which is in and of itself very enjoyable. I figure we can’t all be great at everything, so I cheer on ‘those who can do’ . It’s like they say in acting, those who can’t act , ‘teach’, and  in my case, I just love to share cool finds that are sports related, like ZCode sports betting.

ZCode Sports betting is a verified, legit betting site where many people make a living from sports betting and teach others how to do it. Or, for example, me sharing my discovery ‘Vertical Shock’ training, that can get anyone jumping a lot higher than they ever thought possible, by special muscle conditioning. To me, this is cool stuff, and really helps people. I’m here to share whatever great finds I discover, and help others find it, too!