Vertical Jump Training: Does Vert Shock Really Work?

What Is Vert Shock, & Is It The Best Vertical Jump Training In The World?

We’ve all seen the basketball greats making those awesome, ridiculous jumps right up there, eye to eye with the hoop, like Lebron dunking that ball fast as lightening, as though it were nothing. It would seem it’s just easier if you are super tall! But are all taller guys good at dunking? Not necessarily. And what about us shorter, more average players? What hope is there for us? Enter Vertical Shock training, a system that develops muscles for jumping you never knew you had!

Can you really improve your vertical jump by up to 15 inches, with the proper training method? As a matter of fact, you can! And I’m not talking about conventional basketball exercises to jump higher. Vert Shock training turns out to be revolutionary stuff. Please continue reading!

What Short Guy Had The Audacity To Cook This Up, And Go On To Prove It?

Ok, it wasn’t a short guy, he was over 6 feet tall, but couldn’t dunk to save his life, or his high school basketball games. He loved playing but was benched most of the time. That’s where it all started for him……how in the world do you get your ‘game’ on if you’re a lousy jumper? Well, it took him years to come across a possible solution, that got him intrigued, and hoping, that maybe there really was a reasonable way to learn how to slam dunk without killing yourself in the process.

His name is Adam Folker, and when he decided to do some serious research on how to improve muscle function for jumping, he eventually came across a collection of published works by Russian sports scientist Dr. Verkhoshansky, who had developed a technique on how to improve Russia’s Olympic athlete’s high-jumping performance.

Adam went on to play college ball, and then to the pros, where he played against the world’s top basketball players, all the while working on what was to become Vertical Shock. Here’s a pic of him with Kobe.

Excited by his findings, Adam went deep into it, testing out what he had learned, on himself, and finding the results to be very impressive. The Russian Olympians who used these techniques as developed by their scientist, ended up bringing home the gold for Russia multiple times, in the high jump competitions!

Adam knew he had hit a goldmine of information, and wanted to bring it to the general public, but he realized there was still a lot of work to do, to figure out a simple enough program that anyone could participate in, no matter their skill level, to increase their jumping abilities.

After 5 years of further research, and formulating an exact technique, Adam has  brought his method out to the general public. Vertical Shock training has already been widely used, and taught, to professional athletes around the world.

And now, it is catching up to the rest of us, where thousands of guys and gals are using this workout method to increase their jump by up to 15 inches


Some Commonly Asked Questions……

How Does It Work?

Vert Shock uses strategic exercises and set/rep combinations to target certain elastic muscle fibers. This produces explosive gains in your vertical jump. You’ll also learn things like how to dunk without palming the ball, which can be a true game changer.

Do I Need Any Equipment?

No. Vertical Shock does NOT require any equipment or going to the gym. You can do this program  right at home.

Is It Safe?

Yes. Vert Shock does not use any heavy weight lifting so it will not stunt your growth. Vert Shock is safe for all ages. And this program was designed for busy people like us so you only need less than an hour, at the most, 4 times per week to get all the results from it. Even if you don’t work out at all, you can still safely follow this regime.

This training is not just another pointless jump tutorial. There are no heavy squats to do, no crazy box jumps, no dead lifts, NONE OF THAT.  It’s a method that ANYONE can follow! That is the beauty of it.

Ever heard of Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington? His dunks are featured in Slam Magazine and Bleacher Report. He appeared on the hit show called The Dunk King. He actually has held the world title of #1 highest DUNKER! Adam Folker grew up with Justin, and they are friends. When Adam developed Vert Shock, he shared it with Justin, who was already a great dunker, and Justin went on to improve HIS skills as the world’s top dunk-master.

Here’s a picture of him accepting the first-place trophy at the Nike World Dunk Contest together with LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Justin mastered the 3 simple steps of Vert Shock, which you’ll learn about in a minute, through which he has taken his dunking skills to a new, stratospherical level!

So, the KEY to this training revolves around the concept of working ‘smart’, not hard. You won’t be creating undue stress to your joints! It involves unique jumping exercises combined with precise sets and reps.

1.  This first step is the ‘The Pre-Shock’ phase and it’s designed to get your body ready to fly. You’ll be training for 4 days within a week, for 30 minute sessions.

2.  For phase 2, your movements will be carefully targeting certain neglected elastic fibers in your muscles. It will be important that you explode on every jump during this phase of the program. You will train 3x a week, for 40 minutes each. Through these workouts, this is how you consistently reach your MAX vertical jump velocity!

3.  And, finally, ‘Post Shock’, phase 3, this is the part where what you have developed so far, will become permanently embedded in your muscle memory. You will work out 4x a week, for 30 minutes each, at a lighter pace. This is where the training really starts to take off, and gets you jumping higher, and higher!

If you’d like to watch some Vert Shock members comment on their experience, click HERE!

Vertical Shock often produces the greatest results for those most lacking in jumping skills, or, are shorter in stature. The improvements can be so dramatic, you have to experience it to believe it. Check THIS out! Wanna dunk but you’re too short?

Kevin Markham says….

‘I’m a high school basketball player who is 5’9″ i live in a small town, not a lot of tall guys here, anyways, i have speed and coordination, but i couldn’t dunk at all, kinda embarrasing, i’ve been training on vert shock for 3 weeks, and i’ve already gained about 8 inches on my jump, i am literally pumped! thanks Adam, you’re the man!’

Check out another response from a recent user of Vertical Shock Training……

‘I’m a junior in high school who just last season could barely dunk.  I sat on the bench all last year and was only on the team because I was tall.  I had only ever dunked once in my entire life.

Then I did Vert Shock and now I average a couple dunks a game and even dunk on defenders. I’m also a starter on the team and have won multiple dunk competitions!

This year our team went on to win the Utah state championship. I had one dunk in the quarter finals, 2 dunks in the semi finals, and a career high of 4 dunks in the state championship game!!!

I can’t thank you enough for Vert Shock!’



Besides the careful, and effective training Vert Shock provides, they also have a great support system at your finger tips. Adam sends out support messages to your phone every week, and you can get all the help you need from their top notch customer service as well.

Vert Shock can be purchased through Clickbank, the only vendor I personally trust 100%, for honoring refunds, no questions asked, if you change your mind about your purchase.

Vertical Shock also comes with a lot of free bonuses that will help you along the way to becoming a successful dunker, including diet info, a maintenance program, a visualization workout, and much more.

If you want to learn how to dunk like a BOSS, this is the best program in existence that I know of, after studying everything out there. Vert Shock was developed by a PRO, and it has the most comprehensive research behind it with loads of success stories to back it up, from famous players, to everyone else who has benefited from this system. Click HERE to get it now!

If you have any questions, or would like to leave a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts! (Your email address will not be published.)



16 Replies to “Vertical Jump Training: Does Vert Shock Really Work?”

  1. Thanks to the author for giving us a nice article with resourceful information for vertical jump training. Very few people really knows these secret function of vertical jump training. This is really helpful for those who are planning to build up a career on it. 

    Though this is not a easy task and need to follow a routine work regularly, this information can help a player to achieve his target.

    1. Thanks for commenting. That’s the thing, if people knew about this training, more people would be learning how to dunk. Even if you just play on your driveway, how cool is it to dunk like a badass?

  2. i’ve actually used this type of training to improve my jump, i just didnt know the technical name for it cos this was back in the late 90s. For a 172cm “tall”guy it came in useful when playing in my college basketball team. It really helped to out rebound a lot of the taller players on the court.

    with this type of training, basketball is no longer limited to tall people anymore. I’m so glad you wrote an article about it and how we “short” guys can do something about it!

    1. Hi Tarun, yeah, nowadays, everyone wants to learn how to dunk, and why not! It’s a cool thing to be able to do, while training and conditioning your muscles. It’s one hell of a great workout, ultimately!

  3. Hi Olivia. Thanks for sharing this article. I’ve seen tall players that are not able to jump as high as they want. The height would be an added advantage anyways but knowing and using the right technique is what truly matters.

    From what I have read here, I think Vertical Shock training will help us develop the required techniques for better dunking.

    1. Thanks for commenting, that’s exactly right, even tall guys aren’t always good jumpers, and need to ‘learn how’, Vert Shock is a really advanced kind of training for permanent results, including how to maintain it.

  4. This exercise scheme seems really great- I am even more of a fan because it doesn’t require any equipment or going to the gym, so you can try it out and see if it works for you without actually making any loss. I am pretty average height of 5’11 and my vertical jump is as average as my height. This seems like a really good thing for me to do as I could really use a higher jump

    . My main sport is soccer, my question is, is this exercise programme aimed towards only basketball or can it be focused towards other sports too?

    1. I was just watching a goalie block a ball in a soccer match, and boy did he jump up high to block that ball. So i will say YES, this vertical jump training would greatly improve your ability! and yeah, you’d have 60 days to try it out and get your money back IF it doesn’t work, so that’s plenty of time to see results!

  5. I think the human body is an amazing machine and for the most part, we don’t give it enough credit in terms of what it can do! So, I am not surprised learn that this program works.  I am imagining though that probably the most challenging aspect about it is to actually consistently commit to the exercises that are recommended. There are many programs out there that teach an improvement of something, but human nature often wants  things the easy way. What would your top recommendation be to really stick to the program to get the results that you are after? For example, what habits would you recommend putting in place to make the most out of the material? Thanks.

    1. Hi Liz, thanks for the comments….I think a person has to be really motivated to fully achieve ANYTHING including this, and Vert Shock also includes a simple maintenance program to keep your muscles in shape, that just involve a few quick daily exercises, if you aren’t going to be out playing ball. Much like yoga, i don’t do a full set every day but i do a couple of stretches daily, to maintain. it just becomes habit after a while, like brushing your teeth. I’ve watched some videos on guys who now jump a good 20 inches higher than when they started…these were very motivated individuals!

  6. Hi Olivia 🙂

    You certainly taught me something today. I would never have guessed that a shorter guy could dunk a basketball just as well if not better than all these tall guys in the NBA!It looks like Vert Shock is going to change the game of basketball?This blows me away because I never would have thought this possible.I’m curious to know how Adam Folker developed this? I find it fascinating to say the least.Is this something that Adam would present to the NBA?

    1. Hi Rob, thanks for commenting….Adam came across the works of a Russian sports Dr. and he used the info on himself to see if it worked, because it had been used to produce gold medal winning high jump athletes in Russia, so it was literally a trial and error process for him, to develop what he came up with. I don’t know if it’s been ‘adopted’ by the NBA or specific teams as part of their training programs, I just know he has taught it to players throughout the world, in mulitple leagues and whatever teams he played with, as a free agent.

  7. I didn’t really think it was possible to improve ones jumping ability only until recently. I always thought people were just athletic or they weren’t. I am curious to know if people from other sports besides basketball and long jumps have used this kind of training? I can’t seem to find any other sports that have used such training.

    1. Hi Jessie, Yeah, it’s pretty cool to know you can increase your vertical jump up to 15″, that’s quite a lot. Ironically, many tall players have not been great jumpers and had to learn, because it involves certain training of the elastic fibers in the muscles, and not all athlete’s have specifically developed those muscles. tall guys can ‘jump’ better just because they’re already closer to the hoop lol, Adam Folker taught his buddy Justin to jump even higher than he already could, so there’s a definite method to it. I’m not aware of Vert shock training being used in other sports, but it sure would work for high jumping, jumping hurdles etc.

  8. Well….. I was researching training exercises involving vertical jumps for horses when I came across this article.   While I have to admit that this article is not what I had in mind, I found it extremely interesting.   

     I suppose I admire athletes in general.   This may sound weird, but I found myself thinking that the vertical shock training methods could potentially be applied to other sports that require quick jumps or incorporated into a cross fit workout.       What do you think?  

    Regardless, this is a very interesting article.    

    1. Thanks for the comment, Sondra….Vert Shock is basically teaching you how to develop certain unused, or under-used muscle/elastic fibers in your legs, so i can’t imagine that this would not apply to ANY form of jumping, to improve one’s….jumping height? upward trajectory? The Russians used it for high jump, so I’d say the training can be used universally for any jumping end results.

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